William A. Hainline: Reality Engineer

The Blog Of A Science Fiction Writer Living Just Half-An-Hour Into The Future . . . Or Maybe, Y'Know, An Hour And Some Change. Sci-fi, politics, visual arts, music, writing, fantasy, and general weirdness. NSFW. Probably not safe for YOU, either, really. But don't let that stop you.

The go-to site for fans of science fiction writer William A. Hainline. Also the go-to site for non-fans, or anybody else who wants to follow what this curmudgeonly weirdo is doing with his free time.

RANDOM Portals Elsewhere

  • My Facebook Page — always good for my latest shenanigans on the social network for old people.
  • My Twitter Timeline — always good for my latest shenanigans if you limit me to 140 characters or less.
  • Bridge To Story — the website of my wonderful editor, EJ Runyon.
  • Kestril's Rhythm And Groove — the website of my good friend, Rommy Driks.
  • The Stephen King Homepage — The site for the popular horror and fantasy writer, Stephen King
  • Brandon Sanderson's fantasy writing lectures on YouTube — Great for budding writers of fantasy and sci-fi, these lectures are where it's at if you're wanting a master class in the big two genres.
  • Mythcreants — a fantastic site full of great writing advice; their tagline is "Science fiction and fantasy for storytellers," and they don't disappoint.
  • Atomic Rockets — everything you've ever wanted to know about how to write realistic science fiction . . . with a few interesting twists along the way.
  • The Lurker's Guide To Babylon 5 — resurrected from the early days of the World Wide Web, this is the indispensable guide to one of the greatest science fiction TV shows ever made.
  • C.J. Cherryh's writing advice — a handy-dandy guide to things you want to avoid in your writing at all costs.
  • Seventh Sanctum's generators page — a page full of name generators for when you need names for things but are stuck.
  • The Theoi Project — a site exploring Greek mythology and the gods in classical literature and art.
  • Squarespace — the company that hosts my blog. They're awesome, and they let you control every aspect of your blog's visual design, which is why I tend to like them so much.
  • Den of Geek — the place to be for all sorts of cool geek news, about movies, TV shows, books, comics, you name it!
  • Ain't It Cool News — a bit of a throwback to the earlier days of the web, Ain't It Cool is another  great place for movie and TV show news, by geeks for geeks!
  • Apple — the company that makes all of my favorite things.