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About This Whole "Russian" Thing . . .

It is with great dismay — but not without, I gotta admit, some serious schadenfreude — that I have been following the news as of late, with regards to our current Cheeto-faced President, Donald J. Trump, as he finds himself embroiled in an absolute ton of trouble. As it turns out, the Justice Department has now appointed a "special counsel" to investigate his erstwhile presidential campaign's connections (and the connections of his various associates) to Russia, to find out if there was any direct collusion with them to influence our election process. I can't say I'm surprised — are you? Well, you shouldn't be. Donald Trump is a con man and a grifter — this we already knew — and he is so obsessed with "winning" that it isn't too surprising that he would go to any lengths necessary, even cheating, to secure a victory. Especially a victory over the party of "the Black Guy," then-President Obama, or "the Woman," Hillary Clinton. It would not do his white masculinity any favors to be seen as having been "beaten" by either one of these individuals or even their chosen political party . . . Had he been, his frail, white male ego would've been crushed into a singularity and, like the nascent seed of our fair, present-day universe, would have then exploded outwards, destroying him and everyone around him. Of course, one could perhaps argue that we've been witnessing that very same process already occurring, albeit in slow motion, ever since he first took office back in January of this year. And whenever the Trumpverse undergoes a period of rapid inflation, we see more shakeups in his staff and more drama unfold across his Twitter feed. I'm thinking that we need a whole new field of physics in order to study this phenomenon, but I don't think we have the mathematics needed to tackle it just yet.

The thing is, though, as I recently read in a Diary on Daily Kos, we need to ask ourselves, "Why are we doing this?" With "this" meaning: "Investigating Trump and Russia." For the most part, most of America is simply not convinced that Donald Trump was behind (or that he colluded with) an ongoing calculated Russian attempt to interfere in our electoral process for over a year and a half. No, most of America is more concerned with more immediate and personal issues, such as, "Will I still have health insurance six months from now?" Or, "Will I still have a job next month?" Or, "Will I lose my house?" Or, "Will I ever be able to retire, or send my kid to college?" They care about Donald Trump alright, but they care about how what he does affects them and their day-to-day lives. They care about his policies, and whether or not those policies will make those day-to-day lives better or worse (here's a hint: Worse. They will make them way worse. But you knew that already.) Don't get me wrong: Many people do care about whether or not Russia affected the openness and fairness of our electoral process; they're simply not convinced that Donald Trump is either (a) smart enough, (b) capable enough, or (c) corrupt enough to have worked with Russia to do so. Maybe they still need some convincing, maybe they're on the fence; maybe they'll never believe it. The important thing is, they care more about judging Trump based on his performance as Commander in Chief than they do about judging him for what he might or might not have done in collusion with the Russian regime right now.

So that's what we ought to be focusing on more right now: His tremendously bad performance as President. He's a train-wreck, and everyone knows that. He sucks. He's obviously unable to perform the duties of the office. He's not only stupid and ill-informed; he's grossly incompetent, and it shows in everything he does. He's a liar and a con man, and it shows more and more every day. He can't hold his staff together, he can't control the leaks coming from his White House, and he can't seem to grasp even the rudiments of basic national security. Hell, let's assume for the moment that he is guilty of collusion with Russia (and I personally think that he is)  . . . If that's the case, then he can't even manage a decent cover-up operation without spilling beans left and right and letting everyone in on the secret. He can't even cover his own tracks well. He can't manage his staff, either; they constantly bungle even routine communications with the press. His Vice President is out there lying on the airwaves day after day, messing up in one interview after another, and not because of a problem with his own messaging or staff, but because, half the time, Trump goes on Twitter and contradicts what he says. The man is a walking dumpster fire of problematic crises that tumble into one another like dominos and they keep . . . on . . . coming.

So let's focus on that, why don't we. Let the investigation take care of itself. If he's guilty (and it's looking more and more like he is), that will sort itself out and we will hear about it forthwith. We'll know. Trust me — the media loves a good roasting, and Trump's goose is ripe for the cooking right now. The media has smelled blood in the water, and the sharks are currently circulating. Even the Republicans are spooked now; they're distancing theirselves from Trump more and more with each passing day. Hopefully we'll soon get an Independent Commission on this from Congress. If we get one, then we'll get some answers maybe. But until then, we need to keep laser-focused on what really matters, and that is Trump's gross incompetency as President, his inability to lead, and his terrific ability to constantly put his foot in his mouth and embarrass himself. Of course, as he does so, he embarrasses all of us as a country as well. That's the downside to that. But I would rather us take a few scrapes and bruises to our national pride right now than see us go through World War III due to a moron who can't keep his mouth shut.