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Currently, I only have one novel in production, and it's called The Technowizard Guardians Of The Infinite Worlds Of Fandom. Right now it's 480,000 words long. It will eventually be split into three parts. When it's done, it'll be a rollicking, sci-fi action comedy starring a bipolar inventor who's a huge geek, a superheroine, a few diehard sci-fi nerds (one of whom is a computer hacker, the other of whom is a medical doctor), a couple of Vampires, a blue-hued werewolf, and several alien beings from multiple other worlds . . . all wrapped up in a story about saving a sci-fi convention—and of course, the entire world—from two nefarious plots by two extraterrestrial races who both want to invade and take over the Earth and enslave all of Humanity. I have, however, finished the cover art for the book, and it's pictured below. (I used DAZ Studio, Autodesk Maya, and Adobe Photoshop to do the artwork.) The cast includes Terry "Gadget" Anders (the bipolar inventor wearing the "Mind-Weirding Helm") and Desirée "Dizzy" Roentgen (the superheroine wearing the mechanical exosuit and noodling on the weird-looking guitar). Enjoy this peek of the artwork. Coming soon—the book trailer, also designed by yours truly, with some cool 3D animation integrated into it!

If you' like to read some sample chapters from the book, you're in luck! The first chapter is online right here on this website! It's available free of charge if you click over on the left, on The Technowizard Guardians Of The Infinite Worlds Of Fandom, and then click on Chapter One: Heroes And VillainsPlease note — at this time, this is the unedited version of this chapter. It has not yet seen the red pen of my editor.