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80s Fantasy Movie Moments That Terrified Us as Kids | Den of Geek

Fearsome monsters, grasping hands, and a suggestive tree. Here are 10 fantasy movie moments that scarred us as kids...

This article comes from Den of Geek UK.

Sooner or later, you're going to see a scary movie. Whether you sneak down and watch a horror film on late night television, watch a Nightmare On Elm Street sequel round a friend's house or watch clips of slasher movies on YouTube, horror movies are always out there, waiting in the wings for the young and curious.

But long before most of us graduate to the stage of our lives where we start seeking out R-rated movies of gore and terror, we reliably encounter scary moments in what might initially seem to be harmless family adventure films.

The 1980s was an unusually fertile period for dark fantasies, where the seeming lightness of their subject matter - dragons, unicorns and other mythical beasts - was joined by odd jabs of darkness, melancholy and outright horror.

Here, then, is a selection of 10 fantasy movie moments that came out of nowhere to haunt our dreams. The 80s may be long gone, but the scenes laid out here still linger in our memories.

All together now: "Artaaaaaaaxxxx"...



Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2: A Message from Starlord | Den of Geek

I am so pumped for this movie it's not even funny. I loved the original Guardians of the Galaxy. It's one of my favorite Marvel films — one of my favorite films, period — and it comes out May 5. You can bet your ass I'll be there on opening day, munchin' popcorn with my buddy Greg and cheering for Star Lord and the gang.

Starlord, and not Chris Pratt, has some choice words about why you should be ready for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 to rock your world.

Normally in the lead-up to new superhero movie or space opera—or those that are all in one, such as the case with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2—we tend to follow what writers say, directors imply, publicists dictate, and actors generally tweet with breathless buildup. There is a rhythm to the rollout for a major summer blockbuster spectacle that often culminates in a week of extreme hype and finally some deep diving interviews. But rarely do we have an extended comment from a character in the film.

Yet, here we are with Starlord, Chris Pratt’s hero(ish) protagonist in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 breaking the fourth wall as if he’s wearing red and black suited pajamas. Taking to Pratt’s Facebook page, Starlord has some words about what to expect from the James Gunn written and directed sequel to a movie about a talking tree and raccoon. And as expected, he is ever so humble while gently comparing his film to Citizen Kane, Michael Phelps, Tom Brady, and four dead presidents.

On May 5th the greatest movie in the history of movies is coming. There has never been and will never again be a movie like this. Seriously. Ever heard of Citizen Kane? We're much better. Seriously. Our movie just tested at over one million points. Rotten tomatoes already has it at 234% fresh.#GotGVol2 will win every movie award AND about 39 Olympic gold medals in swimming, gymnastics, the skiiing event with the gun, x games, snowmobiling and everything. It will win the World Cup and about 7 super bowl rings, sorry TOM Brady. This movie will fry your brains and lift your spirits. James Gunn will be elected president of the world. They will add the faces of the guardians to Mount Rushmore for sure. We're gonna get a planet. May 5th will become a national holiday. Everyone will get pregnant. Candy will fall from the sky. Global warming will stop. Dinosaurs will come back to life. Which unlike some movies might tell you, is actually a really good thing. Because they won't flip out and kill people instead they'll be your awesome pets. So basically get your tickets as soon as you can. Don't be the only person on the planet who doesn't see this movie.

Humbly, Starlord