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An Idea For A New Scene?

So I had this wonderful idea for a scene from the would-be movie adaptation of my novel set to the Pandora's Box version of "A Kiss Is A Terrible Thing To Waste.". It's the scene where the lead character — in flashback — loses his virginity at (of course) a sci-fi convention to a girl he meets there, while wearing the device on his head that gives him telekinetic powers. The scene is a montage. It's very innocent and gentle, but very erotic. She seduces him and is the one "in charge" so to speak. And as they . . . well . . . "get going" along with the music, things start to go haywire all over the hotel. Glass breaks, lightning bolts fly, sprinklers come on, doors slam, things levitate into the air. The bed starts to levitate, as does everything in the room, and starts to spin as the song revs up to its final galloping beat, and then-- pow, at their . . . well . . . final moment, everything comes crashing down as the song fades and she rolls off of him and they're both bathed in sweat and laughing and smiling. And that's the end of the scene. And the whole hotel is in utter chaos and everyone is wondering, "What the hell just happened!?" But they know what happened. And they'll always remember it.

Gimme a minute. I’mma gonna go write.

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