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In Celebration Of"Bat Out Of Hell: The Musical"

Heya guys! In celebration of Jim Steinman’s Bat Out Of Hell: The Musical, I’m gonna share with you my favorite music video for my favorite Meat Loaf song by Steinman! It’s the video for “Rock and Roll Dreams Come Through,” starring a young Angelina Jolie. Check it out! it’s my favorite video because it manages to combine some of my favorite things: Angelina Jolie when she was young and extremely hot . . . Meat Loaf and Steinman music . . . Elves . . . Jukeboxes and motorcycles . . . themes of rescue and redemption . . . . themes of music and imagination saving people . . . the ideas that the magic of soulful music can save you when nothing else can. And oh yeah, — the hot Angelina Jolie thing. But that’s mostly nostalgia for the days of my youth talking. :-)

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