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So, What's Up, Doc?

Well! It’s been an exciting month! What’s been up? Well, let’s see. I’ve been working on the novel (as always), and I’m about two-thirds — well, maybe more like 3/4ths — done with it! I’m closing on the home stretch now. My friend Rommy was kind enough to beta-read the first draft of the first 2/3rds of it for me (thanks Rommy), and she did a terrific job of catching all sorts of problems I didn’t see myself, which is good. So I’m working on correcting those as well as finishing the beast. It will be done SOON, I promise. I’ve been working on my 3D art a lot (as you can see in my gallery here), and I’m now on DeviantArt! Check out my profile here. You can buy prints of my work there, and even download some of my work there to use as desktop art, if you’re feeling frisky and have the points! Let’s see, what else: I voted in the election back in November — straight Democratic ticket, of course. And I had several procedures done on my back . . . corticosteroid injections, designed to lessen the chronic pain I suffer from in my legs and back. And oh yeah . . . I had a colonoscopy. What fun. I had to starve myself into sickness for two days and then crap my guts out for a day, and then get anal probed like an alien-abduction victim, just so they could tell me that I’m fine. And my friend Mira moved back to New Albany (yay, someone else to spend time with!). And, I discovered a new band . . . they’re called Dragony, and they produce some AWESOMELY cool music! Here, check out a video from them:

But, whatever! It is of no matter! Work on the novel — and my work in the realm of 3D graphics — must continue apace! I have new renders to show you, and new writing I will be posting soon, too. So please stay tuned to this spot for more awesome stuff! And what about you, dear reader? What kinds of awesome stuff have you found just lying around the Interwebs since last we spoke? Show me in the comments!

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