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Only Two And A Half Chapters To Go!

Well, I'm down to the last two and a half chapters, folks. I'm in the midst of writing the big, climactic battle sequence — the big one, the enormous climactic battle sequence that will be the final, epic struggle between the forces of good and evil in the book, the final showdown between the good guys and the bad guys — and everything is going very well. So far the good guys have a tough fight ahead of them, but so far, no one else has died (yet), and it looks like there have been a few unexpected developments that have set up some interesting resolutions for some of the characters that, if they play out the way I have planned, will end the book on a very satisfying note. I can't wait. I actually know how it's going to end, now! Before, I had no real clue of how it was going to end . . . it was all up in the air, and I had no feel for how those final words on the last page were going to look or sound. Now, I have a definite idea in my head for what they're going to be like, and it's wonderful. The ending I have in mind will be sure-footed and feel great, I think, and be really rewarding . . . for one character in particular, I thInk. Maybe more than one, too. If all goes according to plan, each of the surviving characters will see their arc fully completed, their story come full circle. I'm so excited!

The story's themes all seem to be coming together, too. Originally, I had no idea of how i was going to blend the story's three main themes together — Gadget fighting his mental illness and the idea of accepting yourself for who you are and not who you wished you were . . . the notion of finding your place in the world, finding where you fit in even if the rest of the world didn't seem to want you . . . and the theme of the Mundanes vs. the "Special" people, the geeks and nerds of the world. Now, I have an idea of how to blend those three things together seamlessly, of how to bring them together into a harmonious chorus with one another, make them really sing together. I won't blow it for you here — you'll just have to read the book to find out how I'm making it all work together, of course — but I promise, it will be something special to behold.

The book will also be shorter than was originally planned. Originally, I had estimated it would be around 500,000 words. Well, before I went back and started rewriting the first seven chapters (a project I embarked on about a month ago), it was going to be around 520,000, actually. Now, it's only going to be around 480,000. That's because when I went back and did the rewriting, I chopped out around 40,000 words of unnecessary noodling around in the beginning that delayed a lot of major plot-points from getting going. In other words, the book was too slow to get started, the plot took forever to jump start itself, and so I sped things up a little. I took out a lot of unnecessary backstory that didn't need to be there, and removed a lot of build-up that I found just got in the way of the story. And lo, 40,000 words just disappeared! So yay, the book will be shorter, and the plot gets going a lot sooner than it did. Which is a good, good thing. I'm updating the sample chapters here on the website to reflect the changes.

All in all, things are going swimmingly. The book should go to the editor sometime around Aug. 30, if all goes well, if not before then. Catch you on the flip-side, brahs and sisters!