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And So Progress Upon The Manuscript Continues . . .

Well, I've reached—and surpassed—the 400,000 word mark on The Technowizard Guardians Of The Infinite Worlds Of Fandom. Right now the book sits at around 430,000 words. I'm closing in the on 500,000 word goal, folks! According to Scrivener, all I need to do is write about 800 words a day from now until August 1st—and I plan to write a lot more than that and finish early, of course—and the book will at long last be finished. It will probably come in either a little under or just over the initial word count goal, unless I miss my guess; I never hit the target exactly, as I suspect few writers actually do. (C'mon; who writes exactly 50,000 or 60,000 words? Nobody I know, except robots, and I don't see Commander Data or the Enterprise bright computer publishing anything these days, do you? Yeah, that's what I thought; of course you don't.)

But, you might ask, other than word count, how's the story going? How are the characters shaping up? What's the plot of the book looking like these days? Well, I have to say—pretty damn good. I think that readers will be pleased. The book really winds up into high gear in the final five or six chapters, kicking into some high-octane action sequences and really revving up the pace, and gets into some serious "cyberpunk" territory, with the construct of the NeuroScape becoming much more important, as well as Gadget's "dreamworld" becoming much more center-stage, as well. It's here in these final six or seven chapters that everything in the book finally really comes together, everything that's been built up so far: The Vampires, the villains, the Elder Gods, the cyberpunk stuff, Gadget's dreamworld, the aliens . . . everything just collides and explodes in a big ball of awesome. I wish I could describe it in more detail, but, like Dr. Riversong says: "Spoilers." I wouldn't want to ruin anything. I will say, however, that the gang finds themselves having to do battle with Aleister on multiple levels of reality simultaneously. If you've read any of the sample chapters that I made available in the past, you might remember that he exists in more than just one place . . .

But, that's how it's going so far. Work continues apace. I should be done with the book in another couple of months. Hell, if I keep going at the pace I've been going at this past week or so, I'll be done in just one month. (Huzzah!) Wouldn't that be something. I'll of course keep you all posted on all the latest developments. Cheers!