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The Lords Of Dorkness And Their Eventual Return TO GLORY!

About two years ago — it'll be two years next month — my friend Greg and I decided to do a web series . . . our very own two-man movie review show on YouTube, which we called Lords of Dorkness. So we wrote ourselves a script, rigged up a teleprompter in PowerPoint, positioned a camera on my desk in front of the monitor, and a green screen behind us, and away we went, criticizin' like a couple of mo-fos. Well, his mom got sick with cancer (which she's since pulled through and survived like a trooper!), and this, that, and the other thing happened, we got distracted, yada, yada, yada, two years went by, and we never made another episode. But we will. We have several other episodes written and "in the can," so to speak, and we're ready to start filming again soon. So — the Lords of Dorkness WILL RETURN! SOON! But for now, ladies and gentlemen, I give you . . . the Lords of Dorkness as they exist for the moment on YouTube: