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I'm Creating An Awesome Wiki For The Technowizards Universe!

That's right sports fans, I'm doing it. I'm creating a Wiki on mywikis.com that'll soon hold all the salacious info about the Technowizards universe. That means all the juicy information you've ever wanted to know about Dizzy, Gadget, their friends, their enemies, their various cool gadgets, the universe they live in, and all the things connected to that universe. All of it will all be in one place, one giant Wikiverse that'll always be up to date and connected right to this site! I can't wait, can you? I know, it'll be stupendous! Amazing! Colossal! To use our Moron-in-Chief's word, it'll be "bigly" terrific. Once I get it online, I plan on having character biographies, diagrams of the gadgets, and even 3D renders of all the characters and maybe even some scenes from the book up there to take a gander at . . . Yep, I'm planning on making it a full-on multimedia experience. The link is: The Technowizard Guardians. There's not much there right now, but don't worry, there will be soon!