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I've Started My Own Writer's Group On Facebook

Well, the apocalypse has finally arrived. No, FOX News is not being unbiased and honest. No, Kim Kardashian is not studying quantum physics. And, William Shatner has not become a really fantastic Shakespearean actor overnight. No, I started my very own writer's group on Facebook! I did this for many reasons . . . not the least of which is that I noticed that on Facebook, there seems to be a lack of really good, engaged writers groups. Every group you find there seems to lack heart and soul, or seems to be there just to engage in either endless self-promotion, or seems to be so caught up in strict rules and regulations so that all creativity and life has been squeezed out of the proceedings entirely. So, I decided to create my own writer's group, and made a couple of good friends of mine a pair of admins along with me. So we'll see how this adventure turns out. It should be really exciting! For those who would like to join up, here's the link:

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