William A. Hainline: Reality Engineer

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an incomplete Cast of characters


Desirée "dizzy Aletheiometrique" amelia roentgeN — A mad scientist and superheroine

Terry "Gadget Anorak Prime" Anders — a dreamer, a bipolar inventor, and reluctant hero

Wayne "Gygax McKraken" Schmidinger — a computer hacker and gothic Vampire enthusiast

Trillian “Akasha Anita Van Helsing” Deschain — a medical biotechnology specialist and gothic Vampire enthusiast

Joseph "Misto" Michaelson — a particle physicist, Wing Chun kung fu master, and werewolf

Victor Arkenvalen — a fellow mad scientist, crazy person, and reluctant villain

Aleister AEON Frankenstein — another mad scientist, a supervillain, and an alternate personality

 JETTA BLACKTHORNE — A Vampire and a Star Trek fan


PRIS — A heroic virtual lifeform who is actually "alive"


. . . and many more