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About The book

The Technowizard Guardians Of The Infinite Worlds Of Fandom

A Novel By William A. Hainline


I first started work on The Technowizard Guardians about twelve years ago. Then it was a novella called The Reality Engineers, which grew into a novel by the same name. As I worked on it, it became less and less about a quirky, female mad scientist named Dizzy, and more and more about a group of friends who all had one thing in common: Their love of science fiction and fantasy fandom. As the project grew out of all proportion, it eventually became three novels: What Happens At Con Stays At Con, The Geek Shall Inherit The Earth, and Into The Heart Of Dorkness, which all took place at a sci-fi fantasy con called PhantasmagoriCON one year when aliens decided to invade, and it was up to my quirky, eccentric band of heroes to stop them. Well, all did not go as planned. I released these three books through a self-publishing platform, and . . . well . . . they weren't very good. In fact, looking back, they were terrible. So, eventually, I got wise to the bad reviews they were getting, and I canned them. Trashed them, and started over. I took the good bits — some of the dialogue I had written was quite funny, and some of the action was good — and I rewrote one big novel, The Technowizard Guardians of the Infinite Worlds of Fandom— but still, I wasn't happy with the first draft . . . so now I'm working on the second draft. It should be ready by next year.

What appears here in this section are my works in progress . . . my fits and starts on the road to that second draft. Enjoy.


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